Today, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to fill positions in healthcare at all levels. As a result, service providers are open to new ways of working, including completely virtual or hybrid employment. Whenever a senior IT executive retires or goes to a new company, a vital leadership void is left behind. There are many firms that have well-established succession plans in place, but others rely on the outside to attract new talent. This is where interim leadership can be a major benefit to your business.

Here at the Ingenuity Group, we make it our priority to give you the most relevant information on these types of topics, so let’s get right into what these benefits can be…

The benefits of an Interim Leader

Quick Solution

Hiring an interim leader offers the advantage of allowing the organization to focus on recruiting while the interim leader fulfills the responsibilities of the role. The time it takes to find the right people for key leadership positions is freed up while the search is ongoing. In this time, that leader can either prove themselves as a long-term solution as well.

Determine Needs

Sometimes, needs aren’t clear right off the bat for a leadership change. With interim leadership, it’s possible to get a better sense of what you need in a long-term leader by using interim management. Would an expert in their field be helpful to the company while they undergo a period of transition? If so, what kind of problems are they having with their organizational infrastructure? Temporary employees can help firms answer these concerns and clearly define leadership positions for the next generation of leaders.

As you can see, there are a lot of benefits to hiring an interim leader for your business if it is something that is needed. If you are considering trying out an interim leader for your company, we encourage you to consider these benefits and try it out. If you have any questions, please contact us!