Ingenuity Group takes the complexity out of complex IT projects. We strive to help our clients make the most of their technology investment in support of their top priority – providing excellent patient care, safely.  We are dedicated to empowering our clients with the tools and systems they need so they can focus on their patients.

What makes Ingenuity Group different?

We work hard to keep it simple. We don’t overcomplicate the process. You have a problem. We have a solution and tools to ensure success without risking your hospital’s investment. We go from start to finish without a lot of detours, add-ons, and mark-ups.

We will put the best IT consultant for the project on the project. Rather than maintaining a bench of folks who know a little bit about a lot, we have an army of IT service management experts that we work with to meet our clients’ goals.


Because we work efficiently, with expert consultants and our partner firms, we extend that efficiency to our rate structure and billing practices.


The Ingenuity Group Team

Ingenuity group is the culmination of years of hard work by Steven Goriah and Phil Summers each uniquely skilled in their respective areas of technology. Steven, a 25+ year IT executive with over a decade as a CIO and Phil, a 26+ year client executive leading IT consulting firms. By combining both sides of the IT equation, Steven and Phil have developed a company that truly serves their clients needs.


Steven Goriah, DHA, FACHE, CHCIO. CDH-E

Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Goriah brings his passion for aligning technology solutions to our clients’ strategic objectives. He has more than 25 years of experience as a Healthcare IT executive delivering innovative and practical technology and business solutions for large organizations. His passion for helping clients succeed is the driving force behind the formation of Ingenuity Group.

Phil Summers

President and Chief Operating Officer

Phil brings 26 years of Information Technology services experience to Ingenuity Group. Recognizing the technology consulting space had become crowded and complex with consultants who weren’t always as capable as they should be, Phil set about to change the way consulting services were delivered. Over the past two and a half decades, Phil has led numerous organizations to success with a variety of IT processes and solutions. He has an outstanding track record of founding and leading IT companies in the technology space, driving value and results to clients nationwide.

John Demeritt

Sr. Vice President of Business Development

John is a transformative leader and health IT strategist dedicated to improving clinical outcomes, business performance, and better patient experiences through the advancement of disruptive technologies and the elimination of inefficiencies. Focus on EMR clinical and revenue cycle optimization, ERP & WFM Transformation, performance improvement, and full life cycle system development and implementation. Track record of client and market growth developed through trusted advisory relationships and strong competencies in health IT strategy, solution development, and service delivery.

John Anderson

Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)

John is responsible for leading and managing Ingenuity Group’s Cybersecurity Portfolio. He brings a direct and focused breadth of experience leading, managing and advising healthcare organizations with their strategic Cybersecurity plans in the areas of resource management, risk management, incident response, strategic governance, compliance, technical solutions, and event monitoring.