Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Ingenuity Group’s Enterprise Resource Planning team has, on average, 15 years of experience delivering functional, technical, and system admin support of on-premise and cloud based ERP platforms in the areas of:
Supply Chain
Human Capital Management
System Administration
Application Security

IT Advisory

Be it SAP, Oracle-People Soft or NetSuite, Infor, Microsoft Dynamics or Workday, we have consultants steeped in all of the leading enterprise resource planning platforms and can help you navigate the best fit for your organization, budget and long-term goals.

IT Service Management

We function as an extension of your team, making it possible for you to focus on running the business while our team manages day-to-day IT application support. From user support, to creating fixes and developing new applications, we can deliver a team of experts to help your IT organization focus on the big picture.

Implement/ Support

Ingenuity Group’s seasoned IT service management team of consultants can help you navigate the challenges of interoperability, compliance, and regulatory standards as you implement, upgrade, or move to a new ERP platform.

Training/ Activation

Our trainers work to design programs for a variety of learners, from visual to verbal to physical. We partner with you to develop and fine-tune a curriculum that will prepare your staff (the IT team, end-users, and HR) for go-live and beyond. We can deliver training in person, online for remote staff, via e-Learning platforms, or train internal trainers.

Staff Augmentation

Ingenuity Group works hard to be sure that our consultants have the expertise our clients need and will be a good fit for the team and culture. We understand the importance of having the right person in place, whether it’s a short- or long-term assignment. Ninety percent of our consultants have backgrounds in IT and an average of 15 years’ experience in ERP delivery.

Legacy Support

When implementing a new system, the outgoing system still needs to be managed and maintained. Ingenuity Group can help in the transition through strategic planning and staffing in support of the legacy system. This allows the hospital staff to focus on the future state.


Ingenuity Group consultants can help identify gaps or shortcomings in your ERP before problems occur. Starting with the most pressing needs, we build solutions to optimize platform performance. Optimizing may reveal opportunities to improve productivity and efficiency of the ERP.


Complacency is lost opportunity. It’s critical to continually transform your ERP system, taking advantage of new capabilities and opportunities to improve business, financial and operational outcomes. Ingenuity Group’s IT service management team of consultants are experts at fine-tuning and customizing ERP applications to make the solution work best for the business.

Application Security

ERP systems hold volumes of confidential data and are the backbone of a hospital’s supply chain. ERP systems are, therefore, the crown jewel for hackers. Ingenuity Group understands that ERP security is paramount to protecting patients and operations. We can help you identify risks and fortify your ERP as needed.