Most software development team managers were once developers themselves. They have all of the technical background needed to do a fantastic job but don’t have any formal management training.


This article has practical tips for managing software development teams, helping any software development manager lead their respective team to success.


Clearly define and map out expectations


Want your software development project to reach its maximum potential? Define and map out expectations right away! Setting clear boundaries upfront will keep developers in sync, ensure everyone’s working on the same page, and protect against scope creep. Writing down those requirements so they’re easy to find can also help pave a path for the successful delivery of your high-quality product!


Allocate developers to tasks accordingly 


You’re one step away from turning your coding team into a task-busting machine! Allocate developers to tasks with ease and make sure everyone’s workload is streamlined so that bugs are fixed, defects are quickly addressed, and new code is written in no time. With the most powerful work management software at hand, you can keep moving forward toward those ambitious goals!


To help your team stay on track, you can assign tasks to each team member using project management software. This allows you and your teams to understand what tasks are being worked on or coming up next and enables you to pivot and reassign work as needed when urgent requests arise. 


Stay on top of deadlines 


The stakes are high when it comes to deadlines – your clients, organization and team all depend on them! Keeping an eye out for estimated delivery dates ensures that you won’t be putting everyone at risk of a potential miss. When the pressure is on – make sure you stay ahead of the clock.


If your team is mid-sprint and knows the scope of the work won’t be completed by the original deadline, you can proactively communicate this to all key stakeholders. 


Using project management software to stay on top of deadlines also comes in handy because not all tasks are assigned the same — meaning you can keep track of multiple deadlines at once and understand how your due dates rank against one another.


Use Project Management Software 


Don’t let emails and chat tools take away from your team’s productivity. Project management software can help you quickly broadcast news, updates, or messages that matter most to the people who need it! Your job is made easier too; filter out all irrelevant information so developers can spend more time developing instead of sifting through an inbox full of clutter.


Monitor real-time updates 


Project management software tools generally provide real-time reporting capabilities, including time-tracking and task-completion reports to represent your team’s output visually. 


Detailed analytics and insights on your team’s projects and tasks can better inform you as a manager to identify gaps in resourcing, manage conflicting tasks or due dates, and help you get a better read on the holistic bandwidth of your team.